The OMG (Objective Management Group) Evaluation is a tool used for existing employees, managers or owners and provides the employee, (manager or owner) and coach with beneficial information on how to improve their sales process. Cory Holman has designed the entire Building Sales Champions Boot Camp around the OMG Evaluation. This great tool will give you the insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, as well as give you the roadmap of how to train each employee.  This evaluation is a requirement in order to participate in the Building Sales Champions Boot Camp.

The cost for an OMG Evaluation is $400 per person.


Each participant of a Building Sales Champions Boot Camp is required to take an OMG Evaluation. The results will be referenced during the Boot Camp and will help build an individualized development and coaching plan, giving both the Coach and the Comfort Consultant or Technician a road map of their training.


  • OMG for Technicians/Comfort Consultants/Territory Managers – the standard Sales Evaluation. This individual does not have any direct reports.
  • OMG for Sales/Service Managers – is geared toward Managers that have technicians and/or sales people directly reporting to them.
  • OMG for Owners, VPs, and General Managers – is geared toward individuals that have Managers reporting to them.
  • OMG Checkpoint – a Checkpoint can be requested 9-18 months after an OMG Evaluation has been taken.  The Checkpoint gives you a side-by-side comparison from your initial Evaluation to now. Only 1 checkpoint may be requested per purchased OMG Evaluation. If the OMG Evaluation was purchased more than 18 months ago, a new OMG Evaluation must be purchased.  Order an OMG Checkpoint here.
  • OMG License – Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers too), and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, perfect track record, or exaggerated resume. LEARN MORE


Choose a Role to learn more.

For a Technician, the results of the OMG Evaluation will help develop an individualized development and coaching plan based on the Technician’s unique strengths and weaknesses revealed in the Sales Evaluation results.  Most technicians are the “Fix It” technician and not the “Selling” technician.  Even though the SBE Sales Process teaches technicians never to lose their “Technician Card”, the OMG Evaluation results help us develop a training plan that allows the technician to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Some of the sales skills that can be developed are: understanding how to be comfortable discussing money, learning how to qualify, how to ask the right questions, when to ask those questions and how to get the customer involved.

For a Comfort Consultant, the results of the OMG Evaluation will help develop an individualized development and coaching plan based on the Comfort Consultant’s unique strengths and weaknesses revealed in the Sales Evaluation results.  With the development of sales skills, both Comfort Consultants & their Coaches will learn how to overcome objectives, understand how to be comfortable discussing money, learn how to qualify, practice consultative selling and much more.

For a Territory Manager, compare yourself against the greatest salespeople in the world today. The OMG evaluation measures 21 core sales competencies of Elite Sales Professionals and provides a coaching plan based on specific strengths and weaknesses. This is the most comprehensive, best validated, source for improving sales competencies available. We built all of our sales training on these 21 core competencies. This evaluation is a prerequisite to our sales training.

For a Sales or Service Manager, the results of the Sales Manager OMG Evaluation will help understand strengths and weaknesses in managing a sales organization. The OMG Evaluation results also produce a training plan to allow the manager to develop key strengths and produce top-selling employees.

For a VP, GM or Owner, the results of the VP of Sales OMG Evaluation will focus on leadership skills & weaknesses, as well as a complete development plan.

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